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Krone Day 16 March 2022

On March 16, 2022 Manferdini s.r.l. hosted a presentation of the brand new Krone haymaking range at our headquarters. Thanks to the organization of the event by our commercial sector and the enthusiastic participation of the public we are extremely satisfied with the success of the project and we thank all those who took part in it, from our salesmen who organized everything to Mr. Ranieri Fanzutti Commercial Inspector of Krone who presented the new haymaking range and which we thank again.
We extend our greatest thanks to the public who participated and to those who made our reality possible and make it possible every day.


We are MANFERDINI s.r.l.


The Certainty of Professionals. Since 1971.


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Vicon Day 8 March 2022.

On March 8, 2022, our company wanted to organize an event to present the new Vicon haymaking range to the public, which was attended with our great pleasure by Mr. Andrea Codognola, who led the presentation and who, taking the opportunity , thank you again.


A great recognition goes to all those who made the event possible and who with commitment and passion have dedicated themselves and dedicate themselves every day to this reality and its creation.


But the biggest thanks goes to all those who attended and who demonstrate to us and everyone what it means to be part of this company.


We are MANFERDINI s.r.l.

The Certainty of Professionals. Since 1971.

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Evening in Manferdini 9 December 2021. The Video.

Exactly two months have passed!
It was fantastic to be with all of you and celebrate 50 years of our company together.
The evening turned into an amazing and very successful event.
We want to share with everyone who was present and everyone who could not have the video shot at the event.
Thanks again and... Ready for the next one!


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Season's Greetings!

Company Dinner 21 December 2021
Delivery of Maschio Gaspardo Primo Ew Isotronic to the University of Bologna

A pride for our company is the official delivery of this wonderful Maschio Gaspardo Primo Ew Isotronic fertilizer spreader to the University of Bologna during Eima 2021 and a real satisfaction to see it in the field in recent days to carry out a Superlative Job.


A huge thank you to the University of Bologna for choosing MASCHIO GASPARDO and MANFERDINI and best wishes for an excellent work together with MASCHIO GASPARDO PRIMO EW ISOTRONIC.

MANFERDINI s.r.l .. The Certainty of Professionals. Since 1971.


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Evening in Manferdini 9 December 2021. A Real Success.
1971-2021. 50 Years Together.

April 2, 2021. We wanted, albeit in such a difficult period, not to forget how much Giovanni Manferdini has done and how much he is still doing today as an established collector and restorer of vintage agrcioli tractors and machinery.

Honoring and celebrating him, also remembering how much we are all still doing today to make him proud of his creation, Manferdini s.r.l ..

We are proud of who we are and of the people we are.

All together. Everyday.

Proud of our company.

Since 1971.

We are Manferdini.


1971-2021. 50 Years Together.

In 1971 Giovanni Manferdini started his own business in the agricultural machinery sector.

Today Manferdini s.r.l. is a leading dealership in that sector.

Thanks to those who founded our company and to those who have given it the opportunity to grow and establish itself over the years.

Thank you all.


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